Ink Clothing

Hong Kong

The Story

Ink Clothing was established with the goal to offer a unique retail venue that specializes in cutting-edge and anti-commercial labels. The owners have traveled the world to curate men’s clothing of the very highest standard in quality and in tailoring.

One of the tenets of ink is to provide incomparable customer service by adding different dimensions of fashion such as giving advice and thorough knowledge for each piece of garment. Given that each piece comes with a history, this will enhance customers’ appreciation of the product and affinity towards the brand.

Another of ink’s goal is to build long-lasting relationships with its range of designers. The belief is not to just sell products of the highest quality but to work with the labels in refining each garment from how it fits the fabrication, ultimately allowing ink to bring products that are best suited for its customers. Ink is here to serve the counter culture. It’s not about shunning the mass trend but about finding something that is truly special and distinct through clothing and accessories that are mostly white, black, or some shade in between.

Ink Clothing

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