Daad Dantone - Luxury Fashion Store in Milan

Daad Dantone


The Story

Daad Dantone is a Milan famous multi-brand shop in Via Santo Spirito, between Via Della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone, the most exclusive shopping area in Milan. The brand aims to explore ways of being, wearing clothes, and living in the city. Together with the fashion industry, Daad Dantone expands its offering towards a wide range of upmost innovative selection of brands combined with some famous ones. This selection has been cherrypicked among those brands which made their distinctive features contemporary.

Together with a selection of innovative garments, Daad Dantone’s shop have also accessories and fragrances. They will all represent Giorgio Dantone’s Italian taste and aesthetics Daad Dantone’s identity is the result of never-ending research and meticulous selection of garments taken from innovative yet consolidated brands in which Giorgio Dantone sees their potentials in the designs, materials, compositional variety. These contemporary and distinctive features belong to Daad Dantone’s idea of the world and its aesthetics.

Via Santo Spirito, 24A
20121 Milan

Daad Dantone

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