Lift Daikanyama

Lift Daikanyama


The Story

The Daikanyama based company has been in retail trade since 1993, carrying goods that they find through the world in touch with the time we live in. With the collaboration of various of artist and designer, Lift proposes new styles and fashion concepts with a focus on discovering new creators who pursue originality and challenge perceptions.

Since the opening of Lift ecru in 2000, Lift has thought back to the meaning of ecru’s existence and the role in their lives. They came to the conclusion that when each part presents in the optimum way, it will add up to a top quality service. The recent society, filled with competitions, demands quality in every product as well as the fashion industry getting sucked into the mist of mass-consumption markets. Lift does not represent the fashion that is part of distribution and consumption trend. Instead they are aiming to introduce modern artisanal garments through the channel of ecru.

Shibuya City, Daikanyamacho, 16−5

Lift Daikanyama

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