by Maurizio Amadei

The Story

M.A+ is the label created by Italian designer Maurizio Amadei in 2006. Amadei’s interest in design started at a young age. Born in Rome Amadei moved to London and began designing his own pieces. After closure and becoming a legend as the designer of the label Carpe Diem, he began working on a project, which led to the creation of his own brand M.A+. Beginning with bags and slowly introducing clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women step by step. Usage of innovative folding techniques, original cuts, and selecting unique fabrics is what the label is well-known for, as well as the designer’s fascination with experimenting with structure. Many designs of shirts and leather bags are constructed from a single piece of material result in unique and innovative cuts. Another typical element is the frequent use of handcrafted 925 silver cross insignias and silver buttons

Brand Specs

  • High-Fashion
  • Avant-Garde
  • Men
  • Women

M.A+ Videos

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