The Story

GATE believes in the centrality of a space able to foster and nurture a community. The physicality of GATE represents the core of its existence from which it explores our contemporary reality. It is a place of passage, particularly of entry. It is a space that invites the customer to understand the existence of a connectivity in between the retail space and the city. It is a place, but also a thought, a glimpse of the human being.

GATE is a system of spaces in central Berlin connecting fashion, art, and music. The store design and concept rotates around the contrast between the synthetic and the organic, the digital and the analog, the man and the machine. Both, online and offline experiences should constantly embody the idea of something that is about to be discovered.


What they got

  • Streetwear
  • High-Fashion
  • Men
  • Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 194
10997 Berlin



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