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Boris Bidjan Saberi

The Avant-Garde Fashion Alchemist

About Boris Bidjan Saberi

Boris Bidjan Saberi is a German-Persian Avant-Garde Streetwear designer, based in Barcelona. Born in Munich on September 11, 1978 to a German mother and a Persian father. “These biographical factors play a fundamental role in Boris’s formation: they combine dual systems such as West/Middle East traditions and form/formless garments with the designer’s passion for numerology”. Both parents worked in the fashion industry, maintaining a fashion label as a family business. As a result, Saberi was introduced to the world of fashion at a very early stage of his life which shaped his career path: studying fashion design in Barcelona, graduating in 2006. While Boris Bidjan Saberi had started his first leather accessory line while still in university, his eponymous label Boris Bidjan Saberi was launched after his graduation in 2007.

His work is noted for its functional qualities and its wide range of references, including skate culture, street style, hip-hop, and clothing from the Middle East. “The designer matures a peculiar clothing language through the celebration of his innate heritage between European and Middle-Eastern culture. It is, therefore, the burst of an instinctive primitiveness in which raw materials and accurate tailoring fuse together.”

Saberi has collaborated with multiple brands, designers, and artists throughout his career, such as Dita Eyewear, Werkstatt:München, perfumer Geza Schoen, outdoor and sportswear manufacturer Salomon, the Techno Producers and DJ Duo Tale of Us, the legendary old school hip hop band Massive Attack, to name a few. In 2013, Boris Bidjan Saberi launched a secondary line called 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi. This line features more streetwear with a sporty appearance and is generally targeting a lower price point than the products in his mainline. As stated on the about text on the website: “11 is in fact the symbolic trademark of the brand and the name of Saberi’s additional line.” Design, prints, and also references to skate, punk, and hip hop culture fuse together within the 11 by BBS secondary line. A reference to Boris’ life growing up skating listening to hip hop and punk rock – which he still does nowadays.

In contrast, the Boris Bidjan Saberi mainline is the experimental avant-garde line that has continuously been exceeding standards in fashion. Boris Bidjan Saberi is often called the Fashion Alchemist, experimenting with fabrics limitlessly resulting in truly original and unique processes, designs, and products such as reversible jackets with symmetric seam taping, carrying straps within jackets and cardigans, outstanding texture finishes on pants and jackets like waxed coatings and extraordinary dyeing and body molding processes, heavily oiled horse leather jackets or even the production of transparent leather.  All pieces are made with great attention to detail, the use of the most high-end materials, and the intention to craft timeless high-quality pieces that last for years to come. The philosophy of BBS is feeling the garment as a second skin. A Protection that gives you strength. All garments are skillfully crafted going through several levels of experimentation and different handmade processes. Made with extreme care and attention each piece is an absolutely individual object. Pieces may show aesthetic variations due to their hand-made nature and one-off production process. Those variations are part of Boris Bidjan Saberi’s craft and signature.

Boris Bidjan Saberi goes to extremes in search of extreme results with his experimental lab processes, challenging the rules to discover new possibilities. From concept to customer, the journey of a garment is one of trials and testing. Everything is conceived and made individually by a team of artisans who share a passion. In search of a timeless result, Boris Bidjan Saberi LAB processes fuse traditional skills with contemporary knowledge.

Boris Bidjan Saberi Collections were presented each season for about ten years at Paris Fashion Week and since 2014, is an official member of the Chambre masculine of the Federation Française de la Couture.

The Boris‎ Bidjan‎ Saberi headquarters were initially based in Monistrol de Montserrat and later on relocated to the Barcelona district of Poblenou where it resides still nowadays. The headquarters are occupying a former 19th century textiles and clothing factory – the last one remaining from that era where fabric has been woven, dyed, cut and made into garments for almost two centuries, Boris‎ Bidjan‎ Saberi draws on the spirit of this place and advances tailoring for a new age. The vast spaces of the old factory are now alive with creation, experimentation and craftsmanship. The clothing crafted at the BBS headquarters today is shaped by contemporary eyes, yet still made by human hands — hypermodern in concept and timeless in execution.

One thing is clear: Boris Bidjan Saberi is probably the most exciting and deeply personal brand that redefines contemporary menswear since 2007.

Brand Specs

  • High-Fashion
  • Avant-Garde
  • Streetwear
  • Men
  • Women

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