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The Story

With an impressive collection of exclusive and fashionable brands, combined with an extraordinary interior, the Labels Fashion store can be called very distinctive, in particular in a town such as Sittard. The store carries the appearance of an international establishment but also remains very approachable, making each and everyone feel more than welcome.

In 2006 the store opened when the property at the Putstraat 10 became vacant. It turned out to be a huge success and soon it became too small. The moment the adjacent residence became available, it was quickly decided to conjoin both spaces.

labels cannot be pinned down. We provide assorted supply including jeans, fashion, designer brands, and young designers. Our range offers a versatile blend of different styles and price ranges. We offer a vast selection in high segment brands. Easy accessibility of our establishment is very important to us and we will always try to appeal to a variety of customers.

We remain continuously engaged in our trade and we want to know all there is to know about it. Being abroad on a regular basis, reading up on branch literature, visiting fashion fairs and a profound interest in art, music and interior design, keep us updated. We carry our own company philosophy: to do what we believe in. Stand by it or don’t start it. We only purchase what we really want, not because there is a demand for it. The customer needs to believe in us above the brand. One doesn’t just buy the brand, you see.

Putstraat 10-12
6131HL Sittard

Labels Fashion

Labels Fashion

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