A Diciannoveventitre / A1923

Leather Shoes, built to last

The Story

The man behind the brand — originally called Augusta, now sometimes A Diciannoveventitre, or A1923 — is artist Simone Cecchetto. He’s also an original member of Carpe Diem, the studio created by Maurizio Altieri devoted to old-world craftsmanship and experimental treatments with leather. The looks have been a smash with the avant-garde (sometimes called “streetwear” or “dark fashion”) clothing set, sold by specialty purveyors such as H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles, Archive in San Francisco, PNP in Florence, Vertice in London, Anchoret in Beijing, Hide-M in Munich, and Darklands in Berlin (among others).

The quality of the boots and sneakers produced by A Diciannoveventitre is outstanding. Mostly made of thick horse leather, all pieces are built to last and the brand’s claim is “Don’t handle with care”. Price tags are accordingly. But what you gonna get for that money is a high-end handcrafted product that might last you a lifetime – if you handle it with a little bit of care at least.

Brand Specs

  • Footwear
  • Men
  • Women

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