The Library 1994


The Story

The Library 1994 is a luxury menswear boutique in the heart of Kensington away from the noise of London. Peruse and immerse oneself in a hand-picked curation of fine artisanal and avant-garde creations, stocking contemporary menswear labels including Carol Christian Poell, LGB, The Label Under Construction, Lost and Found, Lumen et Umbra, and many others alongside selected accessories and books. We’ve started to carry Exclusive Women’s range with the Japanese label “If 6 was 9” and Carol Christian Poell Women’s collection is coming soon. The Library is a UNIQUE, EDGY, and MUST SEE store in London!

The heart of the boutique is written in its name: an extensive fashion library that grows and evolves with its wearers. From coats and dresses to leather boots, The Library 1994 has that piece that never gets old – that piece that matures and changes with you. For over two decades, The Library has been the go-to treasure trove for those who seek something unparalleled. Nestled in the heart of Kensington, London, the luxury boutique is an exclusive retreat into founder Peter Sidell’s thoughtfully curated collections. Although amidst a plethora of change in the city, in fashion, and in times, The Library remains true to its roots in the unconventional and in pieces and wearers that care.

Just as people have individual personalities, items too have their own characters born from a process and a place. The Library’s collections are categorized according to the Dewey Decimal System, reflecting the various distinct approaches or genres designers undertake in their process of creation. Whether you like to browse Travel, Architecture, or Literature, the store’s own librarians are a tight-knit team knowledgable in finding the perfect piece for you.

The Library 1994 has always, and continues to provide a quiet refuge where individuals can explore and discover the finest avant-garde and artisanal labels. The team helps you find pieces that speak personally to you, offering a personalized service every time you visit.

268 Brompton Rd
SW3 2AS London

The Library 1994

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