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The French manufacturer MAD et LEN has long been well-known for interior and design fans as well as niche fragrance lovers. And this despite the fact that Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut, the founders of the brand, actually do without a lot of bohemianism when it comes to public presence and let most things happen in quiet restraint – as recently with their first boutique opening in Paris. The success speaks for itself: thanks to their exclusivity and high craftsmanship, the products have taken the hearts by storm.

There is really no way around the room fragrances of MAD et LEN: the fact that they immediately make a deep impression on the memory makes up a large part of the fascination. The perfume candles and potpourris tie in with the close connection between scent and memory because the founding duo has made it their goal to olfactorically capture the characteristics of landscapes with their compositions, in order to experience and wander through them in a new way. They are inspired by the nature surrounding their studio in the South of France, but also by their globetrotting past with trips to Africa, Malaysia, New Caledonia, and the Fiji Islands. Perfect, therefore, to escape the daily routine, to dream yourself to other places, and to be close to the landscapes.

MAD et LEN relies entirely on manual labor in the manufacture of its products: after selecting the finest natural ingredients, the company’s own mixing follows in the pharmacist’s style, whereby the perfume oil obtained is not diluted for best quality and intensity. Fuzier and Piffaut pay the same attention to the massive iron containers of the room fragrances, which they have produced by a farrier. The back-to-nature impulse can thus be felt down to the smallest detail and leads in the design of the products to an impressive mixture of raw, natural beauty, and modern aesthetics with understatement.

With the potpourris, the label takes working with natural materials to a new level, because it could hardly be more organic than hand-collected lava stones sprinkled with the precious fragrance oil. Due to the characteristic surface structure, the stones absorb the scent particularly well and release it more slowly.

MAD et LEN’s perfume candles are made of soy wax, which is poured and scented by hand. The production of some of the perfume oils used even takes several years – every time the scent is lit and unfolds, you get a feeling for the exclusivity of the candles and feel pure luxury.

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