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Label Under Construction is the label of designer Luca Laurini. His work requires the utmost understanding and knowledge of his medium. Though one need not possess such knowledge to admire his handiwork, a deeper understanding of the concepts behind the articles, provides for a deeper appreciation. There is an inherent and asymmetric harmony established in the dichotomy of opposition found in his body of work. He creates flawlessly knit fabrics with constituted deterioration, that when found in its natural state, would unravel in senescence. Yet he manages to suspend that very breakdown and preserves it in time. The patterns he designs in 2 dimensions are architectural. The formulaic logic of fabricating knits fuels his passion for creating and seeking to discover new equations. From its inception, his approach to design is a science. And the creative, disjointing, and dismantling in all three dimensions, drive him in his efforts to breathe life into his pieces. Thus rendering his approach to design, an art.

Brand Specs

  • High-Fashion
  • Knitwear
  • Men

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