Isabel Benenato

Sustainable Fashion from Italy

The Story

Isabel Benenato is a fashion designer from Naples, Italy. She released her first fashion collection in Milano in 2008 with an attention on a mantra of straightforward and fundamental living. People wearing Isabel Benenato take pride in representing her sustainable fashion philosophy. Benenato’s all-encompassing objective is to keep the brand little, honest, and legit. Constant growth isn’t the brand’s objective.

Her design is based on an imperfect perfection that includes the individual itself. Black and white colors play a fundamental role in her collections. While black stands for mystery and sensuality, white ventures light, and purity. Her childhood, art, photography, and music are the main sources of inspiration, everything always comes from these key points and that’s why, over the years, her collections always seem to have a common thread that makes them very recognizable and different from current trends.

Isabel Benenato puts together all that she does with respect for the environment, beginning with the materials utilized, to include the most flawless idea of morals and regard for human worth. She is committed to sustainability and makes every effort to minimize its environmental footprint. The entirety of the collections is made in Italy with the aim to save and support her local community. Her pieces are made of high quality, intended to last for years to come. The collections are seasonless, trend-proof, and offer something contrary to planned obsolescence.

Brand Specs

  • Avant-Garde
  • High-Fashion
  • Monochrome Fashion
  • Men
  • Women

Isabel Benenato Videos

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