Avant-Garde Eyewear labels you must know

Avant Garde Eyewear Labels beyond the usual

If you are an Avant Garde Fashion enthusiast and you are looking for extraordinary Avant-Garde Eyewear labels that produce sunglasses far away from the usual mainstream, there are a handful of designer brands that you must know. All of them meet the highest standards in eyewear manufacturing, using high-end materials, doing handmade production, resulting in cutting edge designs.

Futuristic and minimalistic eyewear by VAVA

VAVA designs unique avant-garde eyewear with a futuristic appeal and a unisex approach. The designs are inspired by the minimalism and the Bauhaus movement, as well as by the post-industrial world in which previously thriving cities were forced to reinvent themselves to survive. An example of that is the Techno Movement, established during the rebirth of cities like Detroit and Berlin. The collections are handmade by a small factory in Italy delivering high quality eyewear for strong individuals.

Avant-Garde Eyewear from Hong Kong by Rigards

The designer of Rigards is Ti Kwa who founded his iconic avant-garde eyewear label in 2012. The focus lays on traditional craftsmanship, original designs, and the use of natural materials only. Ti Kwa’s philosophy: Eyeglasses frame the way we look at the world, and the way people look at us. So why be conventional? Good question! Based on that mindset Rigards produces extraordinary eyewear with a focus on natural materials made to last by mother nature like wood, (buffalo) horn, copper and even silver. The designer’s thriving motivation is to produce high-quality eyewear that lasts 100 years and by that pieces that will outlive the buyer and can be passed on to the next generation. Inspiration for the exceptional designs is coming from samurai swordsmen, eastern gods, and characters from gothic literature.

Matsuda, artisanal eyewear from Japan

Matsuda is a Japanese eyewear manufacturer who prioritizes traditional craftsmanship and the highest standard of quality outcome over mass-production. Only the best raw materials in the world are being used for production, including titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, and 18k solid gold. Each avant-garde eyewear piece is crafted by hand, requiring up to two years and as many as 250 steps to bring to life, based on 50 years of experience and experimentation. Paying close attention to detail is an important part of the manufacturing process and the unique history of merging handcrafted techniques with modern technology is key to the success of manufacturing frames as pleasing to the face, hands and to the eye.

Kuboraum & Innerraum Avant-Garde Eyewear from Berlin

Avant-Garde Eyewear by Kuboraum was founded in Berlin in 2012 by the Italian artist, sculptor, and designer Livio Graziottin and the anthropologist Sergio Eusebi who first met at a Vernissage in Berlin three years before. The designs arise in Berlin and production takes place in Italy. Hence the slogan of the label is “dreamed in Berlin, handmade in Italy”. Kuboraum means cubic room in German. The intent of the brand is to radically change their relationship with sunglasses and how individuals perceive themselves. As a result, the brand refers to its eyewear as “masks”. Every piece has its own look and power and the relationship with the individual wearing it highlights the personality of the person.

In 2018, the duo launched its second label named Innerraum – Individual Polyphonic objects. Another fantastic avant-garde brand with exceptional creations, mainly pouches and bags with a very science-fiction kind of design, and also another small range of extraordinary sunglasses.

Mykita, clear functional eyewear from Berlin

Mykita is an avant-garde eyewear manufacturer based in Berlin, founded in 2003. The brand’s focus lays on manufacturing the best technical eyewear solutions by emphasizing the properties of the materials in the best possible way while at the same time fulfilling the highest claims on aesthetic and clear design. Mykita consistently challenges the status quo with the intent to set new standards in design and manufacturing. Logo and luxury codes are deliberately omitted.

Jacques Marie Mage, Limited edition sunglasses from Los Angeles

Jacques Marie Mage is an avant-garde eyewear manufacturer based in Los Angeles producing limited edition glasses by combining world-class craftsmanship with the most advanced production methods. Inspiration is drawn from different cultures across different continents and generations. Expressive geometric shapes and sumptuous finishes are crafted with the use of the finest materials only. Eyewear in micro-series instead of mass-production, combining respect for history and craftsmanship, as well as technical innovations.

Eyewear made of Sterling Silver by Werkstatt:München

The manufacturers Werkstatt:München are mainly known for their production of outstanding jewelry pieces. In addition, they have a line of sunglasses made of 925 sterling silver. One of the pieces derived from a collaboration with Boris Bidjan Saberi. Absolutely exceptional pieces with according price tags.

Dita Eyewear X Boris Bidjan Saberi Limited Edition Sunglasses

Last but not least, if the cover photo of this post has made you ask what sunglasses are displayed here, we want to shed some light: it is the limited edition raw titanium sunglasses with advanced optical engineering – a collaboration between Dita Eyewear & Boris Bidjan Saberi. The frame is forged from a single piece of titanium, made in Japan. The design re-interprets the traditional mountaineering frame. Those limited-edition sunglasses are rare to find. In case of interest, you can send an inquiry and we will try to get you a buying opportunity.

Avant-Garde Eyewear - Dita X Boris Bidjan Saberi Limited Edition Sunglasses

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