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Distressed Fashion Trend

Distressed Fashion originally derives from intensively wearing a piece of clothing over a long period of time. A pair of jeans, leather boots, or a leather jacket for example. The longer and more often it is worn, the faster the item develops a patina due to commodity. What back in the days would have made your grandmother throw her hands up in horror and give you money to buy new pants has become the fashion trend called Distressed Fashion. Pretty much every label nowadays produces distressed, purposefully aged fashion items as part of their collections.

The beauty of distressed fashion / pre-ripped fashion and its imperfection is its outstanding – for some people disturbing – appearance. Wearing torn-apart clothes fits the mindset of rebels, free spirits, and all those who enjoy being different and unconventional. On the other hand, distressed fashion has been criticized because it can co-opt the look of poverty. Paying a lot of money for high-fashion pieces that look old and broken is controversial when you think about the fact that a majority of the world’s population is poor and has to wear broken clothes only for the reason that they can’t afford new clothes. Certainly, a valid point of view and we leave it up to anyone himself to take his position on that thought.


Different kinds of Distressed Fashion Styles

There are different kinds of distressed fashion styles. The most extreme is pre-ripped. Knitwear for example that has huge wholes inside, looking like the fabric was torn apart from a fight with a wild animal or from surviving a gunfight. One of the most extreme examples here is the Greg Lauren Shotgun Hoodie. As the name indicates, the hoodie looks like it was worn down by shotgun particles. But also the less extreme designs by Greg Lauren are almost always distressed – each item a masterpiece itself. The signature style of the brand is shirts, jackets, and pants that are divided into two asymmetrical parts of different fabrics, colors, and textures. One of our favorite pieces is the studio boxy shirt, half blue denim, half dark green cargo.

Distressed Texture

A different, less extreme variation of distressed fashion, is about texture. In that case, the canvas of the fabric has been treated in order to make it appear as if it has been heavily used over time or if it was dirty. Pre-made patina so to say. The most outstanding pieces in this field are made by Boris Bidjan Saberi. The canvas of pants, jackets, and hoodies exceptionally treated by hand. For example, The BBS Vinyl Processing signature technique is one great practice of high-end distressed fashion manufacturing. A truly artisanal process resulting in very unique appearance, smell and haptics of canvas texture.

Distressed Fashion Video Teaser

When writing this Blog Post, we developed some creative idea for a short video teaser about distressed fashion. Check it out below. Concept, Video Production and Post Production by Tim Köck.

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