F8 Horse Leather Ankle Boot by A Diciannoveventitre / A1923 / Augusta

Luxury Avant Garde Footwear Designers you must know

Discover Luxury Avant Garde Sneakers & Boots by outstanding Avant Garde Footwear Designers

In the field of Avant Garde Fashion there are a few High-End Luxury Avant Garde Footwear Designers you must know. Artisanal Shoes, crafted by hand and made of the most high quality and most-durable leathers only. Each pair of shoes is unique, built to last and beautifully changes its appearance due to usage over time. In addition, the designs are highly unconventional and certainly not for everybody.

GUIDI – Luxury Avant Garde Footwear from Tuscany, Italy

Avant Garde Footwear, made by the notorious Italian tannery GUIDI from Tuscany, is as high in quality as the pieces from brands working with GUIDI leathers around the world. Established back in 1896 and refusing mass production, GUIDI produces shoes for all those who really want highest quality leather shoes and something unique with a twist of tradition. The brand’s claim: “Passion for leather and respect for its tradition”. High-End Avant Garde Footwear that only a craftsman would be able to make, coming in soft, candid hides or in a distressed, strong smelling, thickend leather and unique timeless designs.

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A Diciannoveventitre / A1923 – Luxury Avant Garde Footwear from Italy

The quality of the boots and sneakers produced by A Diciannoveventitre / A1923 is outstanding. Often made of thick vegetable tanned (horse) leather, all pieces are built to last and the brand’s claim is “Handmade in Italy, Do not handle with Care”. Price tags are accordingly. But what you gonna get for that money is a high-end handcrafted product that might last you a lifetime – if you handle it with a little bit of care at least.

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M.A+ by Maurizio Amadei – Avant Garde Luxury Footwear

Boots & Sneakers produced by M.A+ by Maurizio Amadei are as exceptional as every piece of clothing that label produces. High-end Quality meets original designs, plus the 925 silver signature cross on every piece make those shoes a holy grail to posess.

Gianveer – Handcraft Avant Garde Sneakers & Boots

Gianveer is an independent label where tradition is more important than trends prioritizing the creativity and personality of each piece. The label produces outstanding sneakers and boots from high-quality leathers only such as vegetable-tanned horse and buffalo hides in combination with hand-dyeing techniques.

Nihomano – Artisanal Luxury Avant Garde Footwear

Nihomano aims to celebrate the art of shoe making, the artisans who make them and how they are proud of the result of their work. The result is some highly avant garde sneaker and boot designs, made of heavy, high-quality leathers.

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Avant Garde Footwear by Boris Bidjan Saberi

Boris Bidjan Saberi is known for original experimental Avant Garde Fashion designs and also his line of boots and sneakers do his reputation justice. From perforated sneakers, to classic horse hide boots with a twist of continuous soles that you might not have seen before, his creations are beyond the usual.

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Luxury Avant Garde Footwear by Leon Emanuel Blanck

Leon Emanuel Blanck plays with seams and the human body, its’ interaction, and reaction with the material, not only pushing boundaries with his pattern-making method but also by completely abolishing symmetry within his garments AND shoes! His distortion featherweight high top sneakers release in 2021 has attracted attention across the avant garde fashion scene and also his distortion combat boot is one outstanding kind of a shoe.

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Pollacki – Avant Garde Limited Edition Handcrafted Footwear

Pollacki is an artistic shoe label that combines the good old fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary concepts and cutting-edge technique in order to create limited editions of hand crafted shoes and boots. All of them are made to order and on demand.

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