Berlin Avant Garde Fashion Leon Emanuel Blanck Patterns at Production Site

Berlin Avant Garde Fashion & Streetwear Shopping Guide

Berlin Avant Garde Fashion & Streetwear Shopping Guide

Berlin has an international reputation of being one of the most diverse cities in the world and is recognized as a world city of culture and creative industries. As diversified as the city itself, so are the fashion stores distributed throughout the city and this guide will tell you which ones are the most extraordinary and non department avant garde fashion & streetwear stores you must visit to discover & shop avant garde fashion in Berlin.

The best Berlin Avant Garde Fashion & Streetwear Boutiques in the center of the city.

One of our favorite districts in Berlin is the area around Hackescher Markt. In this area two stores are situated close to each other that we recommend to visit: Orimono and HNTA.

Orimono stocks a good mix of mid-luxury avant garde fashion brands including Army of Me, thom/krom, Tobias Birk Nielsen, Masnada, First Aid To The Injured, 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, A.F. Artefact, MD75, Primoridal is Primitive, Incarnation, Leon Louis and Andrea Ya’aquov plus a selection of luxury avant garde fashion pieces from Julius, D.Hygen, 10Sei0Otto, Guidi, Boris Bidjan Saberi.

HNTA is a different store concept: it is a store located in an old Berlin apartment and you have to ring the doorbell and wait a few minutes to enter. HNTA stocks an exclusive mixture of high-fashion pieces from designers like Mastermind Japan, Julius, Takahiromiyashita The Soloist, Juun.J, HAMCUS, …

Harveys is an avant garde fashion store in the center of Berlin at the cities biggest shopping road “Kurfürstendamm”. The store has a long history and exists since the mid-seventies being a constant that has outlasted a lot of trends over the past decades. Harveys stocks pieces from designers like Isaac Sellam, Ziggy Chen, Yohji Yamamoto, The Viridi-Anne, A Diciannoveventitre / A1923, Layer-0, CHEREVICHKIOTVICHKI, Label Under Construction, Duellum

Harveys - Avantgarde Luxury Fashion, Kurfürstendamm Berlin

The most exclusive Berlin Avant Garde Fashion shopping opportunity in Berlin at darklands and darklands-x

darklands in Berlin is an institution, that has been around for more than 13 years. Meanwhile the store arrived at it’s sixth location, divided into two store concepts: darklands and darklands-x, both located at the Mercator Höfe.

While darklands-x stocks luxury avant Garde Fashion Brands including Boris Bidjan Saberi, Devoa, M.A+, Acronym, Innerraum, Enfin Léve, The Viridi-Anne, the main Darklands store stocks the world’s most artsy and unconventional high-end luxury avant garde fashion designers including Carol Christian Poell, Geoffrey B. Small, John Alexander Skelton, Archivio J. M. Ribot, Taichi Murakami, Deepti Barth, Kuboraum, Beaugan, Horisaki, Matthias Winkler, J. S. P., Biek Verstappen, Nicolas Andreas Taralis – Limited Edition.

The darklands-x Store is located in the basement. The room is lit with neon lights, pieces are lined along metal grids on the walls and within rails positioned from each other with generous spacing in between. Continuously a dark and deep music is playing in an infinite loop which rounds off the darklands concept and makes it exactly what you might imagine the name to be.

The main darklands store on the other hand you find in the building the opposite side of darklands-x. To enter you walk up the stairways two floors until you enter an old building apartment with wooden floors and high ceilings.

Darklands Berlin - Avant Garde High Fashion Store

Leon Emanuel Blanck Showroom

When we visited Berlin in July 2022, Leon Emanuel Blanck was currently constructing the new showroom in Berlin Lichtenberg which will be open soon by appointment only. We will keep you posted with a showroom store listing and a post on instagram as well as through our newsletter and definitely highly recommend to visit with top priority if you want to experience Berlin Avant Garde Fashion through one of the top local designers in that field.

Besides seeing the showroom being constructed, we got a tour through the production site of LEB which was very interesting to see, especially the massive amount of constructed patterns (cover photo of this post and image below).

Leon Emanuel Blanck Showroom Berlin under construction Summer 2022
Berlin Avant Garde Fashion Leon Emanuel Blanck Patterns at Production Site

Streetwear Shopping in Berlin Kreuzberg

If you are more streetwear driven, you must visit Gate194 in Berlin Kreuzberg. It is a mecca for sneaker heads and streetwear enthusiasts presenting a broad selection of pieces from various designers within a beautiful store concept. Designers they stock include 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, A-Cold-Wall*, Juun.J, Acronym, HAMCUS, Neighborhood, Rick Owens, Y-3, Yohji Yamamoto.

Directions to Avant Garde Fashion & Streetwear Boutiques in Berlin

Get directions to the mentioned stores in Berlin via the google maps integration below, or via the world’s best fashion stores filter application.


Potsdamer Straße 81a Mercator Höfe, Haus J
10785 Berlin


Potsdamer Str. 79 (Mercator Höfe) Haus A / Building A
10785 Berlin


Joachimstr. 5
10119 Berlin


Torstraße 178,
10115 Berlin


Kurfürstendamm 56
10707 Berlin


Köpenicker Str. 194
10997 Berlin

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