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Strongly influenced by Architecture and key turnaround movements as the BAUHAUS and the KUBIST period, FREI-MUT takes an invigorating approach to streetwear believing in functionality and practicality. Having created a community of craftsmen and artisans, mainly situated in Japan and Italy, the Amsterdam-based label is aiming for ultimate luxury in the most comfortable sense.

The collections combine punk aesthetics with avant-garde tailoring to create signature menswear. Classic shapes are reassembled into abstract forms throughout the collection. Bold blocks of color elevate casual V-necks. Soft flannels feature jagged, geometric patterns that echo the design of skin-tight trousers and edgy patchwork pants. Despite its hard-edged aesthetic, the brand holds practicality and functionality at its core.

FREI-MUT’s sand-washed leather pants provide a snug fit with considerable stretch, while shirts and sweaters offer roomy, relaxed cuts. High-elasticity lambskin, ultra-soft Yak-Merino yarn, and recycled Japanese cotton imbue collections with comfort and durability, and the subtle addition of distressed detailing makes each piece feel like a long-time favorite. With candor and quality craftsmanship, FREI-MUT’s Cubist-inspired creations are begging to be worn.

Brand Specs

  • Avant-Garde
  • High-Fashion
  • Streetwear
  • Men
  • Amsterdam

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