The Fascination of Avant-Garde Dark Fashion

There certainly exists a special kind of fascination for avant-garde dark fashion. Wearing clothes pitch black, in different shades of grey and white often leads to a strong appearance of its wearer. And there are multiple Designers out there who mainly base their designs around that principle and who create avant-garde fashion on a superior level.

Exciting avant-garde designers to mention are Boris Bidjan Saberi, Leon Emanuel Blanck, Isaac Sellam, Rick Owens, Masnada, Army of Me and thom/krom.

RAW Looks Avant-Garde Dark Fashion Editorial

Photographed by Tim Köck

Boris Bidjan Saberi J2 Black Horse Skin Leather Jacket

Dita Eyewear X Boris Bidjan Saberi Limited Edition Sunglasses

Hannes Roether

Army of Me X Miranda Kaloudis Nubuck Leather black Backpack

Boris Bidjan Saberi P23 Drop-crotch baggy pants, Type F177 Used Black, Vinyl Processed, Body molded.

Boris Bidjan Saberi

The designer Boris Bidjan Saberi is well-known for his avant-garde fashion designs which are inspired by numerous references like the skate culture, street style, and hip-hop. Born to a German mother and a Persian father, the heritage of European and Middle-Eastern culture is strongly reflected within his designs. In addition, the number eleven is one of his identity points often used in his designs – the number of his birthday.

Leon Emanuel Blanck

LEON EMANUEL BLANCK plays with seams and the human body, its’ interaction, and reaction with the material. Studying the interplay of the natural and unnatural. His designs are greatly influenced by the Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi genre which usually is avant-garde already. As a result, his creations are absolutely extraordinary and the approaches revolutionary.

Isaac Sellam

Isaac Sellam is internationally known for his strong expertise in creating leatherwear with an extraordinary avant-garde touch. His designer signature piece is a metal-staple rack which is absolutely avant-garde itself.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens is an American fashion designer, well-known for avant-garde luxurious grunge fashion pieces. So is his appearance, the appearance of his wife Michèle Lamy, and his androgyne presentations at his fashion shows.


Masnada creates collections as a result of an extensive study of shapes and the multiple identities they can become, combined with a profound love for experimentations and research, often resulting in avant-garde fashion pieces.

Army Of Me

Army of Me is known for its avant-garde monochrome fashion collections. Mysterious masculinity meets feminine elements creating a haze for the stereotypical. Tailoring and cuts are playful yet sophisticated and materials are carefully chosen.


thom/krom is a german fashion label founded in 2009 designing edgy monochrome fashion pieces, with the intention to create unique styles for urban men and women with a critical taste apart from the mainstream.

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