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Knitwear made in Germany

About Hannes Roether

He’s a man of few words. And he doesn’t want a picture of him to be shown either. The design of his creations alone must be convincing. Hannes Roether is very strict about that. It has to stand out, be different. It must assert itself without advertising and without chichi. All this might be the result of his socialization? His father advised him to do the same and become a forest ranger. That would have been the easy, straightway. But he became a knitting engineer. That’s good because nobody can fool him at the knitting machine today. In fashion, he says, you have to know the limits of what is technically possible in order to consciously go beyond them.

His sketches and drafts are created in his studio in Munich. Instead of submitting to the fast-moving rules of fashion, Hannes Roether focuses on timeless design in restrained colors (lots of black and grey), with clear lines and straight cuts. And on the highest quality down to the last detail – from the choice of materials to the last seam, everything must be perfect. This is how men’s fashion is created, often on the edge of art. Particularly popular are his tubular knitted pullovers, a very elaborate knitting technique that requires almost no seams and, in combination with the longer sleeves so typical of Hannes, looks wonderfully casual. Just like the rest of the collection. He produces his jackets, for example, without annoying labels or large brand logos. It’s the garment that is supposed to make an impression – unobtrusive and without frills.

Brand Specs

  • High-Fashion
  • Knitwear
  • Men
  • Women

Hannes Roether

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