Unpredictable Forms

The Story

HAMCUS is a Chinese brand designing elevated, military-inspired fashion pieces, with futuristic tech-wear elements. The label began as a manufacturer for high-end fashion labels in Guangzhou, until it developed into its own brand in 2013, which is now based in Hong Kong. The brand operates distinct lines and seasonal concepts: PRMTVSM & PMU (Prime Military Units):

HAMCUS PRMTVSM is a character costume concept base on a fictional universe storyline
background. PRMTVSM: dismantling from [ primitivism ], the letter “i” implies the infinity extension of an individual, signify the symbolic primitive substance of self off-cocoon process, intent to liberate itself from “civilize” and “modern” bound, each “i” stand for each stage of self-cognition.

HAMCUS PMU: encroach on the armament group that occupies the resources of the planet. The majority of the legionaries are made up of the remnants of the primus enterprises and they are also actively expanding the forces by absorbing non-regular army groups, such as grazing predators, bounty hunters, killers, alien species, and so on. The appearance of PMU corps is well-differentiated, the regular army has a uniform system as all other armament groups, glutted with military elements and practical functional design, even the material is also biased towards the adverse apocalyptic harsh environment thus emphasis persistent survival. Because the Legion controls the operation of most industries in the region, and the absolute advantages of resources. The outlay ensures the superiority of the military equipment of the group.

Brand Specs

  • Avant-Garde
  • Streetwear
  • Men
  • Women
  • Hong Kong


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