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Discover the world’s most extraordinary Avant Garde Fashion for men in an unconventional way. We list the most cutting-edge designers and the best fashion stores around the world where you can shop for those brands. In addition, we assemble carefully curated product selections to shop online.

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A passion for exceptional fashion paired with perpetual wanderlust are the driving forces behind RAW Looks. When visiting another city we too often had to wonder, where to find the most special boutiques, stocking the most exciting avant garde and streetwear designer pieces. Too much effort it took too often to find out. RAW Looks is the answer to that question and successfully establishes the connection between the world’s best fashion stores and cutting-edge fashion designer brands on various occasions across the platform.

Most of the avant garde fashion brands featured on RAW Looks are not subject to mass production. On the contrary, many artisanal brands deliver unique pieces due to the nature of true craftsmanship and handmade production processes, which results in limited quantities and rare opportunities to possess such items.

In our belief, visiting an exclusive fashion boutique that provides an outstanding shopping experience for high-end avant garde designer clothes is the superior and most joyful way to experience and shop luxury avant garde fashion pieces. But for the people who don’t have a respective store close by or no journey planned to a city where an outstanding boutique awaits to be visited, we offer the opportunity to shop carefully curated selections of Luxury Avant Garde Fashion pieces through our avant garde fashion online shop.

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