Boris Bidjan Saberi J2 Horse Leather Jacket

The Boris Bidjan Saberi J2 Leather Jacket is the most amazing leather jacket in our opinion. 100% vegetable tanned horse leather. Beautiful raw black stitches. Removable collar. Object Dyed. Body Molded. Oiled. There are variations of this jacket available. The photos of this jacket in particular with black stitching is limited to 10 pieces made exclusively for hide[m].

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Boris Bidjan Saberi J2 Horse Leather Jacket

We are well connected with designers and international boutiques and will do our best to find an opportunity for you to buy this piece: Boris Bidjan Saberi J2 Horse Leather Jacket. Our inquiry service is free of charge and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient and do not send multiple request, it might take a few days until you hear back from us.

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