The ultimate Bangkok
Fashion Shopping Guide 2020

Malls are not the only place for Bangkok fashion shopping

Bangkok is a huge city with plenty of shopping opportunities. There are a lot of big malls to visit where you can shop for any luxury brand you can imagine. But as you know – this is not the kind of shopping experience we dig or recommend. Bangkok fashion shopping in malls was quite time-consuming. Running through several malls in search of cool stores once again had confirmed our attitude that this is firstly no fun and secondly rather disappointing due to the vast variety of different kinds of shops in each mall.

On the other hand, the malls in Bangkok are very pleasant to spend time due to airconditioning which is a big plus against shopping outside malls. Nevertheless, more exciting stores we discovered outside of the malls. Thanks to this shopping guide, you won’t have to sweat in the humid streets of Bangkok while searching for the right stores to visit.

Bangkok Fashion shopping – The place to be

If you happen to be in Bangkok, visit Siam Square. A lot of cool stores are situated in that area. Two we visited and really liked are Selektiv and Pronto. Both stores offer nice selections of men’s fashion and are next door.

Selektiv has a small range of well-selected pieces to offer. In addition, they have a second floor upstairs where they sell fine men’s leather shoes.

Pretty much next door, just a few addresses down the road, there is “Pronto store”. This store is huge and the claim is the apparel and footwear co, finest goods. Two stories packed with the finest denim pants, shoes, hats, bags, shirts, accessories won’t disappoint.

Bangkok, a good place to shop for Designer Sunglasses

If you are looking for extraordinary designer sunglasses, Bangkok has countless fancy optician stores that offer an extensive range of designer sunglasses, sometimes at very good prices. For example, we discovered the DITA for Boris Bidjan Saberi sunglasses at one store inside the Central World mall named Vitree. The shades were discounted by 30%. Similar other opticians are WALTZ and Lens & Time. After a few weeks, we decided to order the sunglasses while we were in Ko Samui. Lens & Time made it happen to get the sunglasses ordered for us from Dita Thailand and shipped from Bangkok to Ko Samui. As they don’t have an online store, the whole communication was done through their Facebook chat. The service they provided and how fast they responded was remarkable!

If you don’t want to get your sunglasses shipped and you are on-site in Bangkok, all the mentioned stores are in two different malls that are situated within walking distance from Siam Square.

Bangkok Fashion shopping, same same but different

In a side street of Soi Sukhumvit 36, there is Blue Dye Café. It is a very nice café place with an in-store concept that sells a lot of cool stuff: silver bracelets, vintage bottle openers, unique clothing and bags and much more. Swing by, have a coffee and instead of looking outside the window, spend some time taking a look at all the cool stuff. Probably you find some extraordinary treasure.

In case you want more information on stores mentioned for Bangkok, check out the listings that made it to the RAW Looks database permanently with own sub pages:

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