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About Innerraum

Innerraum was founded in 2018 as the second brand by the founders of the iconic eyewear label Kuboraum. Fully functional pouches and bags offered under Innerraum possess a visually arresting quality more typical of avant-garde objets-d’art or, alternatively, props from a well-funded science fiction film. A radical fusion of the bulbous, quasi-organic shapes that defined turn-of-the-millenium industrial design, contemporary technical garment detailing, and armor-style polymer plating.

Designer Livio Graziottin and anthropologist Sergio Eusebi are creating another kind of exceptional avant-garde accessories, which they call individual polyphonic objects: a multi-dimensional, harmonious project that combines a unique design language with the duo’s futuristic aesthetic. Innerraum offers a new vision of luxury, translated into single sculptural objects. These accessories appear as cocoons of a cybernetic menagerie. The outer shells of which are composed of interlocking panels punctuated and joined by decorative hardware, while a lightly padded mesh lining ensures a comfortable ride for the wearer’s valuables. Strategically placed robust leather straps and minutely adjustable ratcheting hardware afford a reliable fit. Entirely without an easily identifiable analog, the otherworldly concoctions of Innerraum propose an impossible-to-ignore aesthetic revelation.

All Inerraum Objects are made in a sustainable way by utilizing high-quality circular-economy-recycled materials, assembled by hand in Italy and climate-neutral production with Plant-for-the-Planet.

Brand Specs

  • Avant-Garde
  • Bags
  • Sunglasses
  • Men
  • Women
  • Berlin


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