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About Mykita

MYKITA eyewear combines precise craftsmanship with new technologies. Clear, functional eyewear with a distinct aesthetic, handmade in Berlin since 2003 following one design principle: Any technical solution must also be an aesthetic one.

The clear design language arises from the conscious handling of materials and constructions – emphasizing the properties of the material in the best possible way is the main focus. MYKITA’s product design is straightforward: one of the best-known features of their eyewear is the openly displayed construction. The first NO1 collection introduced the iconic spiral hinge, which today as then is a functional design element and unmistakable trademark.

Driven by a collective desire to consistently challenge the status quo, the label sets new standards in design and manufacturing – dispense with logos and luxury codes. Instead, development and research work intensively on the further development of designs, materials, and surfaces that make up the characteristic brand aesthetic. This diversity of design components makes possible the wide-ranging style of the collections and the special shape, color, and surface compositions that characterize MYKITA eyewear.

Brand Specs

  • Sunglasses
  • Men
  • Women
  • Berlin


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