Møsais Paris

Digital & Artisanal Forged Jewelry

The Story

Møsais Paris is a jewelry brand crafting exceptional silver jewelry pieces with insanely rich details by combining digital and traditional artisanal craftsmanship methods. The second letter ø within the brand name is the siamese anagram, with an I resting itself within an O; a nesting that symbolizes a perfect harmony.

Møsais expresses itself from their Parisian studio through an innovative process: modeled with 3d technology, the textures and clean lines intertwine to create a mystical and exceptional fantasy world. Finishing each piece happens by pure and authentic human hand craftsmanship. Møsaïs Paris thus combines the digital and artisanal to give birth to timeless pieces.

Speaking to a futuristic and dystopian universe, Møsais’ unique and powerful creations remain, however, discreet – like a second skin.

Brand Specs

  • Jewelry
  • Men
  • Women
  • Paris

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