Avant Garde Jewelry Designers you must know

The world’s most exciting Avant Garde Jewelry Brands

No matter if you are into Avant Garde Fashion or not, there are plenty of Jewelry Designers out there and with this post, we would like to showcase a carefully curated selection of exciting Avant Garde Jewelry Brands that stand out and you must know.


Werkstatt:München was founded by Klaus Lohmeyer in 1996. Nowadays it is a community of fashion designers and artists who cherish the passion for high-quality handmade goods with unique character, meaning, and the aim to manufacture items that combine beauty and function in the best possible way. All items are forged with the most careful attention to detail by utilizing old school working techniques.

Parts of Four

Parts of Four is designed by Evan Sugerman, U.S. born artist from Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2011, Parts of Four produces avant garde jewelry, objects, furniture, and installations. Parts of Four can be imagined as an invocation system of rituals and memories: human, animal, geological, stellar, and beyond. It is a meditation on form, material, and processes.

Tobias Wistisen

Originally coming from apparel design, Tobias Wistisen developed a keen and unorthodox approach to materials and form and ultimately transitioned to accessory design, producing extraordinary Avant Garde Jewelry. All materials are meticulously treated by hand, ensuring that each piece is totally unique and made to the highest quality. In spite of all of this detailed precision, his work pursues a rough, aggressive, and worn aesthetic. Metals are often subjected to aging processes, and materials are chosen for the way the change and develop a personality over time. Inspiration ranges from futuristic vehicles to ancient armors, all sourced to produce a decidedly strong vision of masculinity.


Goti is an Italian brand, handcrafting .925 silver Avant Garde Jewelry in Tuscany by artist Riccardo Goti, exploring darker aesthetic and gothic themes. Often further materials like leather and brass are used as part of the cutting-edge creative process. Goti’s work has a raw masculine edge entwined with a sexy feminine quality to form beautifully disheveled and intricate details.

Chin Teo

Chin Teo is a Malaysia-born, Berlin-based artisan jeweler that has handcrafted, contemporary pieces for men since the founding of the eponymous brand in 2009. Chin Teo jewelry captures monumental forms with natural textural finishes through tools and methods of traditional silver/goldsmith crafting and applies traditional silversmith techniques to his craft, lending his pieces a slightly medieval aesthetic that evokes a bold, raw, and emotive approach to Avant Garde Jewelry for men.


Unable to find his ideal jewelry, Japanese designer Takayoshi Yamanami started crafting his own pieces. Away from decorative concerns, the goal is to find some beauty in the functionality and structure of objects. All Detaj Avant Garde Jewelry is handmade in Japan using precision hand tools and original methods. The designs are regardless of gender as creations address the individual.

Detaj Jewelry - Handmade Avant Garde Jewelry from Japan by Takayoshi Yamanami

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The philosophy of OSS is about errors and malformations is to transform imperfections into beautiful textures. OSS is based in Paris, France, where each piece is exclusively hand made by its co-founders Josefina & Pablo. The brand was created with the intention to explore the process of the creation and production of Avant Garde Jewelry, to create unique and multifunctional body sculptures.

Avant Garde Jewelry by OSS Paris

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Møsais Paris

Møsais Paris is a jewelry brand crafting exceptional silver jewelry pieces with insanely rich details by combining digital and traditional artisanal craftsmanship methods: modeled with 3d technology, the textures and clean lines intertwine to create a mystical and exceptional fantasy world. Finishing each piece happens by pure and authentic human hand craftsmanship. Møsaïs Paris thus combines the digital and artisanal to give birth to timeless pieces.

Enri Mars

Enri Mars is an Italian Avant Garde Jewelry brand, made and worn by those who think and act independently and differently from others, free-spirited who dance to their own beat inspired by this world, different cultures, and experiences without price. The brand’s jewelry is for those who proudly bear the scars of time and celebrates them with a unique, personalized, hand-made piece created with patience and passion that reflects themselves.

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