RIGARDS x The Viridi-Anne Sunglasses

An artisanal eyewear masterpiece made of highend materials: RIGARDS x The Viridi-Anne Sunglasses

Created in collaboration with Japan’s master of artisanal fashion Tomoaki Okaniwa, the RIGARDS x The Viridi-Anne joint release is a highly complex yet elegantly restrained structure attained by skillfully juxtaposing four elemental metals: pure titanium for the main frame, hand-hammered .925 sterling silver for the swiveling nose rest, surgical steel for the sleek robotic arms, and aluminum-magnesium for the interchangeable sun-clip. Conceptually, the design considers the perennial themes of time and timelessness, light and dark, old and new. The triple nose bridge, constituted by three different components fitting together to form a cohesive whole, quietly plays off the notion that we often perceive aspects of the past, the present, and the future in synchrony, simply by virtue of our nature as creatures who remember, experience, and imagine.

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