Avant Garde Handcrafted Eyewear by Rigards

Avant Garde Handcrafted Eyewear by Rigards

Experience Rigards Avant Garde Handcrafted Eyewear

Rigards is a well-established Avant-Garde Eyewear Label, that has references to numerous design awards and special edition eyewear collaborations with Avant Garde Fashion Brands such as Ziggy Chen, Uma Wang, The Viridi-Anne and Detaj. The designs are unconventionally beautiful and the frames made of unusual, yet traditional high-end materials such as .925 silver, natural horn, aluminium-magnesium, solid wood and copper.

Every pair of frames is handcrafted with tremendous attention using time-honored methods of production and hand-finishing, showcased through multiple videos below.

The making of Rigards .925 Sterling Silver Frames

Subtle and restraint, the precious .925 Sterling Silver is the quintessential material to showcase the exquisite quality and quiet splendor of selected styles. A standout feature of the collection is the eclectic use of bevels. The extra geometry creates an alluring attraction that is hard to keep one’s eyes and even hands off, displaying skillful artistry.

The making of Rigards Natural Horn Frames

All RIGARDS Genuine Horn eyewear are entirely handcrafted out of solid horn pieces that are handpicked for their colors and depth. The inspirations are fluid and eclectic, but at the core are often aesthetics that are not considered conventionally beautiful. Trademark finishes like Sanjuro, Relique, and Plastron further create a customized element to meet the needs of individuals.

The making of Rigards Aluminium-Magnesium Frames

Aluminum-Magnesium alloy permits the construction of frames that are ultralight yet strong at the same time, augmented by exclusive flex-hinge and lens opening. Specially-developed imprinting and anodizing techniques further create intriguing finishes that take their cue from mother nature.

Further materials used by Rigards to forge outstanding Eyewear Frames:

Solid Wood Frames

Breaking the mold with inventive designs, the Rigards Solid Wood range makes for unbridled self-expression for the fashion-forward but eco-conscious wearer. Every piece of wood used in the making of the frames is hand-picked for its character and characteristics (grains, color, density).

Copper Frames

Besides possessing a living beauty that transforms as it ages, the high-quality copper used for Rigards Eyewear Frame manufacturing is naturally anti-microbial and non-toxic to skin contact, allowing to create a collection that is a breed apart.

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