Ziggy Chen Spring/Summer 2022 Collection INACGRAPHY

Ziggy Chen SS22 Collection INACGRAPHY

The Ziggy Chen Spring/Summer 2022 Collection goes by the name INACGRAPHY, a fusion of the two words inaction and iconography: a tribute to classical painting and the characters that populate it.

Always attracted by the iconographic representation in ancient Chinese paintings, the designer focuses his attention on the figure, the main element, a subject that raises a series of questions in the observer.

For the Ziggy Chen SS22, the iconographic element was isolated, reinterpreted, and lastly blurred before being put in the middle of the prints. A lighthearted and whimsical homage to these characters who dwell in a painted world. The collection’s main goal is to inspire the pleasure of dressing. Experiments in blending different fabrics, designs, and colors have resulted in jackets and outerwear that are continually evolving.

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