Werkstatt:München Jewelry Collection 2022

2022 Werkstatt:München Jewelry Collection

In May 2022 WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN launched a new Collection with three themes “Journey”, “Bird Flight” and “Sculptures”.

Werkstatt:München Journey Theme

Well-established as an Avant Garde Jewelry Brand, Werkstatt:München captures the desire for “journey” in its current collection, inspired by the crests you collect while travelling. In many spots, you could find little enameled crests telling the name of the place you had seen, holding beautiful memories.

Werkstatt:München Bird Flight Theme

Flying bird swarms are the ultimate expression of freedom – no frontiers, no restrictions. With the 2022 Collection, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN stamps flight formations of birds into purely designed silver pieces one by one by hand and creates unique jewelry with a very poetic connotation of traveling.

Werkstatt:München Jewelry Collection 2022 Bird Flight Theme

Werkstatt:München Sculptures Theme

This year’s creative process led to a row of “sculptured” pieces: silver wire is sculptured into a composition of roughly filed, simple geometric shapes like squares, octagons, ovals and balls. The pieces play with proportions and the tension of the composition. Due to the making process, the filed surface is a consequent signature of these styles.

Werkstatt:München Jewelry Collection 2022 Sculptures Theme

Insight into the atelier during the creative process for the collection 2022 – developing the theme of “bird flight” as a reflection of our desire for travelling:

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