Leon Emanuel Blanck Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Reflector

The story behind Leon Emanuel Blanck SS22 Collection Reflector

Reflector accentuates a shift in focus of Leon Emanuel Blanck, breaking the common cycles and steering focus to designing out of a creative spirit. For Reflector, LEB instinctively worked on the collection only when in good spirits. This sense of liberation sparked experimental creativity & enjoyment, and the instinctive approach resulted in the discovery of new materials, colors, and treatments.

The Leon Emanuel Blanck Spring/Summer 2022 Collection evokes a number of new elements, like the fisherman knit material, which is an Italian loom knitted cotton and poly fabric where the seams are fused in their atelier by hand with latex. Additionally, LEB wanted to portray the optics of shattered black glass, as a reflection on current world affairs. Resulting in the new Shattered Tech Fabric, which is a signature Mold Fabric hand dyed with a special transparent dye and fully developed in the atelier.

This episode inspired a new art piece titled ‘Reflector’. The steel base frame is coated with resin for a mirror-like finish, symbolizing self-reflection and self-growth. Whether it’s a reflective surface, a reflection on current world problems, or self-reflecting, the artwork portrays a notion of realization.

The Leon Emanuel Blanck Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Reflector fortitudes a reinvention of Leon Emanuel Blanck, though breathes the DNA & Anfractuous Distortion philosophy to its essence. The collection also accentuates the era of Leon Emanuel Black as an artist, a journey that already started with his latest artistic endeavors. The starting component for this season draws its existence out of an unexpected discovery with industrial light reflecting on spilled resin on the floor. Leading to a self-realization moment of Leon’s current state as a designer.

For the first time, Leon embraced the challenge of staying present in the moment. Concentrating on crafting out of creativity, rather than necessity, and celebrating his journey as an artist, while concentrating on self-improvements for the future. Reflector took purposely longer to conclude and shows a new experimental perspective to the aesthetic of Leon Emanuel Blanck.

An aesthetic that may not seem 100% like his previous work – with metallic color combinations, hand-paint finishing, and polished & rough appearances – though breathes Leon’s DNA & Anfractuous Distortion philosophy to its core with new elements like distortion overundercoat from”halbrau” horse leather, officer coats, lung clutches, and 5finger gloves.

Leon Emanuel Blanck SS22 Men Styles Lookbook

Photography by Victor Sajenko
Make-up by Roberta Deflorio

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