Leon Emanuel Blanck Spring Collection 2021 RÊVE OCÉAN

Leon Emanuel Blanck SS21 Collection RÊVE OCÉAN

Leon Emanuel Blanck Spring Collection 2021 RÊVE OCÉAN evokes memories of the luxury and excess of the 70’s together with an ultramodern blend of effortless aplomb, without ever being reckless or thoughtless. Think of sun-drenched afternoons on Côte d’Azur drinking Bollinger and smoking Gitanes with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin as they escape the hustle and bustle of the big city to regain a little of their now dying love. In the seclusion of The French Riviera unspoken grievances, quarrels and fights along with tides of tenderness, nostalgia, and the merciless longing for the fading of love and youth – all must spill out. Rêve Océan collection is protection; a person does not refuse to realise the existence of the modern world’s danger or its unpleasant impact as in the case of denial; do not forget about it as in the case of repression; do not cease to perceive the surrounding reality as in primitive isolation nor do they diminish the importance of information as in depreciation. They simply drink champagne, yearning for a nostalgic future.

Creative Director: Leon Emanuel Blanck
Directed by Victor Sajenko/Image Noir
Soundtrack: DMNDS – RÊVE OCÉAN
PP: Kevin Juksa
Animation: Philip Kupp
HMU: Shayna Lewis-Fenton
Casting: Camille Naomi Franke

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