Best Autumn/Winter 2020 Black Friday High-Fashion Sales.
Plus some critical thoughts.

It’s become kind of a tradition that the last Friday in November nowadays is known as Black Friday. The day you can shop for the best deals of the year, no matter what industry. Of course, also the fashion industry mainly follows the hype. Some just don’t name their sale Black Friday and some even actively say no to Black Friday promotions. So does for example the fashion store Orimono in Berlin. They posted a strong statemtent on Instagram on November 27th, 2020:


A message to our beautiful followers.

Orimono is ment to exist as an antipode to commercial fashion, and won’t participate in the Black Friday hysteria. We look at the fast fashion industry and its effects on people and our world with dreaded eyes. Fast fashion is fast food, hollow satisfaction that quickly disappears. Its effects on our world however lingers far longer. Factories full of mistreated workers, rivers full of toxic waste, and landfills full with yesterdays garments. So this is a call for your action. Don’t buy for the sake of buying. A revolution is born from an idea.

Process Matters. Quality Matters. Sustainability Matters.


We agree with the way of thinking which Orimono formulated very nicely and straight to the point. “Don’t buy for the sake of buying”. On the other hand, maybe you have been craving to own a special designer piece for quite some time but the price has always been above your budget. In that case, Black Friday deals of course could be the way to make some things rather affordable. And keep in mind: Anticipation is the most beautiful joy! Waiting for something special to become yours for a long time will make you feel much happier in the end once you own it. By experience, we can say, it will make you cherish the piece so much more than something that became yours through a spontaneous buying decision just because the price was highly reduced and for no other actual reason. So think twice, before you decide to buy!

At RAW Looks, we are only carefully curating designer fashion pieces to display as part of our product catalog which we find amazing. Many of those items are exponentially as expensive as what many people are used to and willing to paying for fashion. But you should always ask yourself: how much work has been put into production at what quantity? What materials were used? Are the people involved in the production process treated fairly? Are the processes environment-friendly? By considering all these questions and looking at the production/sales value chain in the end many products don’t seem so expensive anymore. They only do because mass-production of the fast-fashion industry has become a worldwide status-quo for quite some time and almost everybody is used to pay low prices for fashion.


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After sharing some critical thoughts with you on the whole Black Friday topic, we also want to display the greatest opportunities for Fashion Black Friday Shopping 2020 that we found. Look out for items of your favorite designers. Ideally, you have had something on your mind you wanted to own for a long time already and now it might be the time to find a good deal. We wish you good luck and again encourage you to keep in mind to not buy for the sake of buying. Even if Black Friday is only one day or one weekend or one week of the year. If you are uncertain about a purchase. Skip it. The next opportunity will come for sure.


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