A-Cold-Wall* Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection

A-Cold-Wall* Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection

A-COLD-WALL* Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection Show Notes

The days of fixed forecasting and predictive creativity must come to an end – such an intention is not a flourish, or spark of purpose, nor reflective of the artist’s pursuit of external expression.

Emotional artworks capture the humanity in us all; the inflections, the expressions, cadence and familiarities. The shadow, caverns and temperate mannerisms surrounding the mind serve us apparitions and subconscious odysseys each time we fall into a deep slumber, each time one meets isolation.

Historical axioms driven by the subconscious do well to encapsulate that which is not synthetic nor driven by economic and political systems, that which is innately human and eternally true.

The intention here, as collective artists, and designers, is to remain elastic, esoteric and open to enhancing craft: exploring anthropological and socio-political reverbs through contorting material and silhouettes echoing the semantics of contemporary 21st century thoughts.

This collection of thoughts and forms is driven by an emotional pursuit, one that cannot, or should not be exacerbated through writing – it is one which must be experienced through emotional response and elated outpourings.

The artist’s mind shall never be capped by implications outlined by economic and political systems; the artist’s mind is best of use when running freely, fearlessly, tussling between generational insecurities and assured confidences that come with the ability to predict, generate and bring change.

What is shown across this particular milieu of work operates as a signifier of both an architectural and metaphorical representation of the cavernous, illuminated, introspective, emotional and human mind.

This collection is the pursuit of a purist, a community of artisans, of aesthetes and thinkers, of protagonists who choose to live with wearable expressive art, those who choose to live by way of expression. We have chosen to operate with two rhythms and perspectives assigned to both monikers – ACW* and A-COLD-WALL*.

Simply, we have chosen to not compromise. Runway will always embody A-COLD-WALL*.

— Words by Samuel Ross

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