Jewelry from Cape Town

The Story

VRVO Jewelry: “Raw, exotic leather against smooth, strong metal. Juxtaposed on the skin.”

When looking for exceptional jewelry with meaning, you just can go right with VRVO. Natural, strong materials meet emotion and tradition. As a result, Raw texture has been the signature themes around which York Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn constructs Bold and striking jewelry. Based in Cape Town, York produces sharp and passionate designed silver and gold lifestyle pieces.

In the VRVO body adornments collection, you will find horns, claws, skeletons, skulls. All items formed in a way that can only be created by an artist with a true heart and respect for nature. Inspiration apparently is found a lot in African wildlife. With most pieces from VRVO jewelry, you get an authentic piece of South Africa. The birthplace of VRVO.


RAW custom Jewelry, made on request

In case you are looking for something unique and custom made, VRVO is your go-to. York Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn offers a steady collection of extraordinary jewelry. In addition, he creates amazing masterpieces on request. All kinds of jewelry. Even wedding rings, and bands. Therefore, the man and voice behind the brand constantly has his focus, eyes, mind, and soul on the hunt for the next tantalizing material combination and its sustainable outcome. Every grain of the metal he works with speaks of its journey and the passion put into the process of its creation.

All the jewelry comes packaged in a genuine hand made leather pouch to keep all your VRVO pieces protected. In case animal parts are section of creation, you receive a certificate for proof of derivation. Ethically sourced materials are always of vital concern when forming and binding each element. Each one evoking its own mood, a sense of mystery.

In conclusion: VRVO body adornments. Unique creativity mixed with incredible talent!

P.S.: VRVO ships worldwide.

Brand Specs

  • Jewelry
  • Avant-Garde
  • Men
  • Women
  • Cape Town

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