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Handmade Footwear from Salzburg

About Puro Secret

Puro is an original shoe brand offering an incomparable selection of shoes, founded by Sibylle and Josef Schachl, an Austrian couple from Salzburg. Although the label is rather young, the designers have been working on the development and implementation of unique collections for many years. From the first drawings to the first collection and the trademark name, they took ten years to establish the brand based on a concept combining emotional connection and handcrafted perfection to create individual pieces.

Josef Schachl has been passionate about shoes for more than 25 years and gets up every morning thinking: “What kind of shoes for today?” As a result, he acquired the best savoir-faire with experienced craftsmen in different shoe factories. Sibylle Schachl worked in the fashion business for 25 years as well.

Puro offers new interpretations of trendsetting models and revealing true originality. The uncompromising use of the world’s finest leathers perfectly matches with the masterful work of the handcrafted shoemakers. Furthermore, the label fully accepts its environmental responsibility towards Earth with sustainable use of natural resources, able to renew themselves. Every season, the shoes propose interesting details making a difference: special fasteners, valuable ornaments, genuine and different leathers.

Brand Specs

  • Footwear
  • Avant-Garde
  • Men
  • Women
  • Salzburg

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