Edwin Jeans

Denim from Japan

The Story

EDWIN is a progressive denim brand that blends their Japanese background, craftsmanship, and expertise with a European contemporary flavor, vision, and attitude. EDWIN Jeans is one of the most remarkable denim brands in the industry. If you wondering why, continue reading.

EDWIN Jeans was founded in 1947 in Japan by Mr. Tsunemi who loved denim. At this point, denim was not made in Japan and had to be imported from the U.S. What Mr. Tsunemi liked the most about denim, is the rugged finish. The worn, aged denim of vintage American styles.

In 1961, EDWIN came up with its first self-manufactured denim. The denim was finished differently. The approach was to remove the need to wear in jeans to get that longed-for style. The variety and innovation behind the different washes made EDWIN unique. Nowadays that technique is well-known as stone-washing and is used by many different denim manufacturers worldwide. So EDWIN Jeans – through inventing stone-washing – became a pivotal part of denim history.


Brand Specs

  • Denim
  • Women
  • Men
  • Tokyo

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