Elixir Timeless Gallery


The Story

Elixir Timeless Gallery is a fashion store in Mykonos selling a broad range of high-fashion avant-garde designer pieces. Why timeless?

“time·less [tahym-lis] adjective 1. without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting. 2. referring or restricted to no particular time.”

The store describes its name and branding concept in the following way: “You have probably never heard about MA+, a1923, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Uma Wang, Guidi, … These tiny brands, which are only available in a handful of selected boutiques around the world, do not invest in marketing or publicity. But they are cult names to those in the know, as they constitute real hi-end of fashion. Innovative fabrics, hand finishes, ‘architectural’ cuts, as well as ultra-limited production are just a few elements that make them truly special. Avant-garde style and ultimate, artisanal quality – these are really timeless pieces that will not go out of fashion.”

What they got

  • Avant-Garde
  • High-Fashion
  • Men
  • Women
  • Mykonos

19, Dilou Str.
84600 Mykonos

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