Fashion Editorial [#2]
Belstaff Ivy & BBS Hoodie

In this Editorial, we are featuring the Belstaff Ivy pure Motorcycle Leather Jacket and give you inspiration on how to combine it by layering it with a Hoodie from Boris Bidjan Saberi.

The Belstaff Ivy is a beautiful leather jacket that is full-on black and features beautiful diamond patterns on the shoulder, arms, and on the bottom of the back. The cut is classic and will never go out of style: a short-cut riding jacket look. As this jacket does not just pretend to be a biker jacket – it features the state of the art D3O impact protection in the shoulders and arms and a pocket for an optional back protector.⁠

If you are looking for an absolutely stylish jacket that also protects you when riding your motorcycle, this is the ultimate jacket. Also, if not on a bike, wearing this fine piece crafted from impeccable full grain bull hide, will make you look stylish and there is no doubt you can combine it in many different ways.

If the days are colder or if you are wearing pants with a dropped-crotch, the Belstaff Ivy short cut might not be ideal. In that case, we recommend wearing layers. A hooded zip-jacket like the one from the collection 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, made of high-quality thick cotton is a fantastic match. It is long which overcomes the short-cut of the leather jacket and which looks fantastic when combined. In addition, it features reversible zippers. A long hoodie when you sit on a motorbike will emerge and throw itself into folds which can be uncomfortable and won’t look good either. Simply pull up the lower zipper, so the hoodie’s left and right can align with your legs and that way avoids fold. That way you still gonna have the comfort of the length of the hoodie on the back that will overcome the short-cut of the leather jacket and keep your back and kidneys warm.

The Boris Bidjan Saberi Hoodie and also the P23 drop-crotch baggy pants we discovered at one of our favorite stores in Munich: hide[m]. The key chain is from Kobashi Studio and was found at the Statement Store. To learn more about the brands featured in this editorial, see the brand page links right below. Also if you are interested in more motorcycle wear by Belstaff, you can check out our Biker Wear selection.

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