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Sustainable fashion has become quite a movement over the past years and probably has already become one of those overused buzzwords you can barely hear anymore. Nowadays the fashion industry well-knowingly is the exact opposite of sustainable. The fast fashion industry and its biggest players have been mass-producing clothing for decades in a non-environment-friendly way and often also not in a human-friendly way by exploiting people for cheap labor.

The question is if high-fashion designers generally can be seen as part of the slow-fashion movement that produces high-quality clothing in an eco-friendly, and human-friendly way. The unfortunate truth is that even in luxury fashion, some of the big names do not produce sustainable at all.

If your goal is to buy sustainable fashion, proper research about the brand you want to buy from is required. There are plenty of articles from various sources online that mention brands that are producing sustainably ever since as part of their brand philosophy. Also, some of the big players who have not been producing in a sustainable way, are claiming to adjust their production. The question always is if you believe them, and as they did not do it in the past, they probably only do it for their reputation. The sustainable movement has become so big that some brands fear that their fellow followers might switch to buying from other brands with sustainable production integrated as part of their moral brand values. To avoid this worst-case scenario, they adjust or at least pretend and invest in marketing kind of in the same way as we have seen it from big fast-food chains in the food industry…

Anyways. If you are really interested in buying sustainable fashion, do research about the brand and try to look behind the scenes of their marketing efforts. Designers who think and produce sustainably are usually more niche as they are producing on small scales, high-quality products that are intended to last for years. Continuous business growth is not their intent.

If you find such designers the price tags are often much higher than what you might be used to. Sustainable fashion also means that you change your behavior. Rather buy only one more expensive piece from a small manufacturer which will last you for years to come than two or three cheap ones which are not fairly produced and won’t last.

If the price tag is too high, reach out to 2nd hand fashion designer platforms like Grailed or Vestiaire Collective. High-Quality products that last for years can easily be bought at a reduced price. Which again, is sustainable and the best possible way you can contribute to the movement.

We are proud that we have established a partnership with Vestiaire Collective and from now on are going to integrate second-hand products also as part of our handpicked production selections. Buy Sustainable Fashion – Buy Designer Fashion Second Hand.

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